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CompoSeal Valves

JA Moody Composeal The use of butterfly valves for shipboard applications goes back more than 50 years ago. Like most changes in the marine industry, the initial use of new technology was a slow process.

The big change came in the early 1950’ when a new design allowed the valve seats to be repaired without returning the body to the OEM. The “Keystone” butterfly used a molded “seat” that could be replaced without vulcanizing. With the field repairable seat patent, Keystone was able to repair their products wherever they were used, without the need of special tools or facilities. This reduced down time, and allowed the customer the ability to inventory spares, to further reduce the expense of expedited deliveries.

While the name has changed several times over the past 20 years, the commitment to improving the products has remained. That kind of foresight can still be seen in the newest valve design from Pentair. The COMPO-SEAL valve offers a solution to the corrosion and rust found on deck equipment as well as in the bilge areas. The use of composite material greatly reduces the chances of binding in the valve stem area while making valve removal from the piping system much easier. Add in the ability to mate with almost any type of piping material or flange makes this suitable, regardless of where you sail. COMPO-SEAL is now ABS approved and readily available. To learn more about this light weight, reasonably priced valve please contact

Features & Benefits:

  • Patented wafer style body and disc in high engineered composite results in excellent internal and external chemical resistance.
  • Light weight construction results in lower cost and simplified installation.
  • No extra pipe support needed when installed in plastic or GRP piping.
  • Disc in high engineered composite material provides excellent corrosion resistance.
  • All fasteners in stainless steel 316 as standard.
  • Bubble tight shut-off in both directions, in accordance with EN 12266-1 leak rate A.
  • Pressure range up to PN 16 at elevated temperature.
  • Valve can be used in high line velocity applications up to 12 m/sec.
  • Spindle and primary valve seals are not influenced by the flange bolting force or pipe flange type.
  • High Kv value.
  • No need for flange gaskets.
  • Primary stem sealing exceeds the pressure rating of the valve and prevents leakage through the shaft area to atmosphere.
  • A secondary (shaft) sealing provides back‑up safety.
  • 4 integrated locating holes ease installation and centering between the pipe flanges.
  • Actuator flange acc. ISO 5211.
  • Sustainable production philosophy as the valve materials are 100% recyclable.
  • Use of composite material eliminates the need for machining and painting.
  • Composite hand lever available.
  • Available water approvals: KIWA, ACS, WRAS, NSF, BELGAQUA.
  • Certified and approved according Det Norske Veritas (DNV).